One-Thumb iOS Keyboard

People often run into a situation that they need to text with just one hand. The size of the original iOS keyboard makes this task really difficult for many people. Thus, the new design remains the original clean style of the iOS keyboard design, yet the size and the shape of the One-thumb keyboard allows you easily texting by using just one thumb.


This One-Thumb keyboard inherits the good qualities from both the old 9-button mobile and the original iOS keyboard. By considering the gesture of the hand when it’s holding the phone, the shape of the keyboard panel is a fan that expends from the bottom of the side of the hand holds the phone. The thumb-end becomes an anchor point when the thumb is moving and straching while tabing on the screen. User may switch the keyboard’s postion based on  preference.


The design of the One-Thumb is inspired by this type of 9-button keyboard. The simplicity of the keyboard and its handy size allows user being able to memorize the letters on each button so user can text without looking at the keyboard which speeds up the texting speed.