Product/UI Design


BriefThe design of this keyboard aspired to make texting with one hand (or one finger) more effortless, while its look remains the authenticity of the iOS design system.


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  1. The keyboard sets at the bottom corner of the screen, and it expands of a fan shape at a 90-degree angle.
  2. The keyboard inherits the mechanism of the classic 12-button keyboard while the overall interface remains the design of the original Ios keyboard.
  3. Drag a keypad to select the letter. For example, If I want to type the letter P, I can drag the 'PQR' button once. for letter Q, I need to drag the key twice to switch the letter to Q.

I often run into the challenge of texting with just one hand, such as holding coffee while walking on the street. The size and shape of the iOS keyboard makes this task a bit difficult for me since I have relatively small hands.


The simple design of the 12-button keyboard and its handy size allows the user to text with one finger. After familiarizing the locations of each button, the user can text without looking down at the keyboard, which speeds up the texting task.