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Mailchimp bloomseason Website Design

BriefWe designed and built an editorial platform to support black entrepreneurs rewrite the blueprint for small business success.

Mailchimp, a business development and email marketing platform, wanted to create a resource to help black entrepreneurs realize their ambitions and rewrite the blueprint for small business success.

Website ConceptThe purpose of this website is to communicate the overall intention and creative vision for the platform. This includes the overall way we experience and interact with the site, the flow, and the design application.

Web Design ConceptA fresh approach to an editorial experience utilizing the organic and playful elements of the Bloom Season identity to establish a motif, navigation mechanisms, and animations throughout the site. The site balances the playfulness with functionality allowing users to shift between utility and exploration in their interaction.
InspirationThe site experience draws inspiration from the interfaces and navigation experience of home page on Apple Watch.
Desktop Website Menu Considering the likelihood of returning visitors the desktop site was designed to offer a more functional article list view.